Bespoke Button Services

Although we may have over 4000 different styled, coloured, sized and designs of buttons in our range, you may need a different shade of colour, a covered button with your own material or even your logo on your own personally designed button. As we are all about buttons, it is only fitting that we offer services for you to have a say in your bespoke button’s finish. Below is a list of services we offer with a little information on each which will help you to decide if we can help you!

Dyeing to matchDyed Buttons

We can dye any clear, opaque or white synthetic (Polyester, nylon) button for you in a pantone colour of your choice, please refer to the Pantone Colour System chart. Please note we have a minimum dye charge ‘MDC’ of £30.00 plus VAT which will be charged for quantities under 2000 buttons per colour for sizes up to 19mm (30 Ligne ) and under 1000 buttons per colour for sizes 19mm (30 Ligne) and above.

Covering buttons using your material

Covered Buttons

We can cover our buttons with your material, we have 3 styles of button shanks available: low dome and high dome for dressmaking and tailoring and wire back for upholstery in various sizes. We would base our quote on the fabric being supplied in full width roll form. Please note we have a minimum cover charge ‘MCC’ of £40.00 plus VAT which will be charged for quantities under 100 buttons.

Bespoke button with or without your logo

You may think it is very simple to make a button, but you would be wrong...... Each request is individual to your requirements and needs to be quoted for accordingly. As an example: a synthetic button is usually produced in either rod or sheet form. We would need to know the size, thickness, style, colour of your requested button, whether you would like the finish to be clear, pearl, chalk, rainbow, plus many other options and take into consideration that there may be a need for special added steps to finish your buttons i.e. added coatings, shapes etc and for logo’s, special machining or lasering. There would be a minimum order requirement (MOQ) depending on the size of the button for example; a 25mm button would be approximately 5700 buttons to 21600 for a 11.5mm button. If you do not meet the MOQ (which is acceptable) there would be in addition to the individual button price a setup cost to add each time a new production needed to be made. The set-up cost consists of all the elements required to produce a button ie; drawing, mould, button assembly, protective lacquer etc. The explanation above is for synthetic, but we can offer many other materials such as metal (alloy) wood, coconut, shell or horn.

Button Size Chart

To get an idea of sizes, you can use our handy Button Size Chart.

Getting a Quotation

If you think we could accommodate your bespoke button requirements please contact Julie via phone on 01403 598014 or by email: [email protected] for a quote. Our opening times are 10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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